4 Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to be launching my new website! We now have merch, a listen page where you can here all of my music, and I have a blog. There are so many times when I want to share interesting experiences from the road, or from everyday life. Now I can! I hope to see you here often, and feel free to tell me your thoughts!

With love,


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  1. Hey Lorenza, new site looks awesome!! Will be purchasing one of your Complete Merch packs in the next few days!! Thanks for letting me know on Twitter…… Your new Album is really cool, and lovely to listine to……Hopefully your come to London with Bon Jovi…..

    speak soon Lorenza

    Rob x

  2. muy linda lorenza te admiro mucho desde que estabas en kitaro donde haces un concierto, muy linda y quisiera me dieras tu correo personal

    luis alonso

  3. Congratulations,Lorenza! The new website looks great and cute! Look forward to your following shows !

    W.Massa from China.

  4. Hope you perform up here or close to Alaska.
    Like that Testify on Soul Shifter, your music is very soothing.
    Thanks for your work
    Larry and Juanita

    1. I would love to come to Alaska. Never been there and keep meaning to take a cruise and see the glaciers. Thx for your compliments!

  5. Love the site! Thanks to you and Ryan for tweeting about it! Need to buy your CD”s and LOVE the tank!!!



  6. Hi Lorenza !
    Do You know that we all remember the fascinating performance of a lovely blue dressed young woman at the ” Silk Road “.
    kisses from iSTANBUL / Turkey

    ” Bol Şans !” (good luck !)

  7. WOW,.. . I think, no better re-phrase that, I KNOW by brother Paulie (Schmitz) is RIGHT again.! Hi Lorenza, we have not yet met, but we will soon and looking forward to seeing you guys up here in ONTARIO, Canada. I sat up last night reading your material and going over your songs over and over and over again, and was still up at 4:30am doing so. and guess what, I am doing it again tonight. . . as well as making a few phone calls to people up here. I have had the honour and pleasure of working with a number of artists and acts over the years (as Paulie will tell you) and o nce in awhile ONE comes along that you know, you just know whatch out world here she\he comes. . . and I honestly believe YOU fit right into that special group.!!!!
    NOW, lets see and hear from people from all over ONTARIO CANADA who want to see YOU back up here.!!!!!
    Scotty Dowle
    The Entertainment & Music
    Production Organization

  8. What an amazing performance at The Mohegan Sun!!! You rocked the arena! And finally, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” sounded like it was supposed to!!! I felt like I was back on the “Lost Highway” again!
    Any chance you can open for them again in May? It would trully “make” my Mother’s Day!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Elena! We had a great time performing our set! It was so fun to sit in with the guys as well! Not sure about May… Have a wonderful Mother’s Day either way!!!

  9. 3/4/2011 What a great show you and your band performed opening for Bon Jovi at Mohegan Sun. Then you joined the band as usual a great performance by a very special lady. Keep the music coming its great.

  10. Hello Lorenza,

    I’m Roberto and i live in brazil. I follow his work in youtube
    and in yours website. Please come to Brazil someday. His work is
    very beautiful. Congratulations and sorry for my bad english.
    Roberto – Belo Horizonte – MG – BRAZIL

  11. Great Site Lorenza…..I love your CD title Soul Shifter and the meaning behind it ! I was so sad I didnt get to see you in Long Island… πŸ™ I have seen you in the past with Bon Jovi and always said how great you were! I definatly will have to catch your concert another time… be well : ) My best to Jon and the boys!!

  12. Hi Lorenza,
    Your new site is great. Lovin the new music, too. If you’re ever in the Nashville area, hope I get the chance to meet you!

  13. Hey Lorenza! I’m a new fan – I heard Beloved the other day on satellite radio and fell in love with it. Your ability to express so much emotion through your music is amazing. And your very beautiful too πŸ™‚
    I haven’t checked out the entire site, so I apologize if my question is answered elsewhere, but are you coming to Houston anytime soon?

  14. I’m so happy to have found your website. I am a fan and hope to catch one of your shows in NYC or Boston. All the best, Carmi


  16. hola ,lorenza, buenoo solo deceo decirte que eres la violinista mas linda y tocas ese violin con el alma vi los videos de kitaro sencillamente me llevastes al espacio muy bello eres un angel en esta tierra mis mejores deceos para siempre que dios te llene de sus bendiciones ,,,,,,desde chile un fiel fansssss adioss

  17. Hi Lorenza,

    Been puttin’ in plugs for ya everywhere. Told Stu’s Music Shop (remember them?) they should have a display of your CD’s in there. Have a Merry Christmas. Scott

  18. I discovered your talent whilst listening to a Sheryl Crow and Friends live
    at Central Park circa 1999 CD I acquired recently. “It Don’t Hurt” is one of my favourite Sheryl Crow songs and I was compelled to discover who was playing the scintillating violin backing on this song. Your rendition on Baba O’ Reilly is also
    something else.
    Please come to Scotland sometime where we really appreciate outstanding
    violin players like yourself and our own Nicola Benedetti and Ally Bain.

  19. Hi Lorenza,
    Touch the Light, and the Light, will touch you back.
    Touch the Dark, and the Dark, will touch you back.
    It’s obvious, that you have touched both Light and Dark.
    But more important than that , you have touched God and Love.
    And now, you and your music have touched me πŸ™‚
    Being a child who was classical trained guitar and piano,
    started with guitar at Mass (Catholic)
    I too wanted to play the really fun stuff. So I did!

    Then I ran away from home to learn how to fly (airplanes) and too be free.
    “White Bird” by, “It’s A Beautiful Day” a bit before you were born, was kinda like a theme song inside of me.
    Your rendition of that song, made me cry.
    Sooooo Gosh Darn ” BEAUTIFUL!” Like “WOW” “BRAVO!”
    Thank you, for being in my life……. S. T.

    PS: You look really hot in black leather πŸ™‚
    I like your – The Instrumentals CD, the most.

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