Another one from Letterman the other day. This is the legendary audio guy, Al, and I chillin’ in the green room. You’ve probably seen him on the show sometimes. He’s been in the business since the Captain Kangaroo days. Wow! Super cool guy. I’m so glad I finally got a pic with him.

We shot Letterman today with #FatherJohnMisty and a HUGE string orchestra. You won’t see me because I’m on the floor behind the Hammond, but the artist is great and Martin Short is hilarious in the show.

I scared myself by recording Christmas music on Halloween. 🙂

Beautiful twilight sky on my way back to NYC from upstate. #nofilter #beauty

It’s Global Champagne Day! I have 37 minutes left so I’m opening what I had in the fridge. Everyday is a good day for champagne. #Champagne

My workplace tonight 🙂 #rock #violin #music

Some after show cray cray for you. We just taped the Tonight Show with Sam Smith. Airs tonight.

Look who I ran into at the JBJ fan club show. One of my Crazy Italians! #Luca

We had a wonderful time at the Jon Bon Jovi Fan Club event last night in San Diego. Some of the questions were HILARIOUS, and the kid playing the guitar was so cute! Thanks for the fun! #BonJovi #RunawayTours # rock #violin

I went #dreamracing yesterday in Vegas. This was my car, The #Lamborghini What an amazing experience learning how to race around the course in these high performance cars. Something else to knock off of the bucket list!

My view from the plane tonight. #beauty #rock #violin

It’s the little things that make my day…